Tactical Analysis of the 2011 Euroleague Champions:
Panathinaikos (Obradovic)

Overview of 2011 Euroleague Champion Panathinaikos


Here is an overview of the tactical analysis of the offense. They kept it simple running a 4 out 1 in offense beginning with a ball screen in addition to some simple concepts on the offensive end of the court. Where it got complicated were the various initial movements to arrive at the 4 out 1 in situation, which made it very difficult if not impossible to scout them and for opposing players to recognize their sets or systems.


It would be foolish to think of Panathinaikos offensive strategy as the key to their success. Panathinaikos defense confused opponents at every turn and caused doubt and confusion in their opponents. They had various tactical strategies on the defensive end of the court which were fundamental to their championship run.




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